Monday, May 21, 2012

WetCanvas WDE

Every weekend over at, they have a challenge called the WDE where a host posts sixteen photos and you pick one to paint or draw and post your results.  The goal is to take less than two hours to complete, but if you are not finished you take a photo and post it at the two hour mark and when it is finished you take another photo and post the results.  It is a fun challenge and can get you out of a rut.  This weekend was hosted by a fellow Canuck, mbeckett, who posted some wonderful photos to choose from.  Thanks, Mike.

I decided to continue with the water miscible oils and see what happens.  I am not too sure about this one, but it is another step to the 120 mark.  It is done using just three hues and white again.  I sure like painting with a limited palette and can see the advantages it would give an artist painting plein air.  Premix three tones in each hue and mix each color with another and make three tones of those.  This is done with a split complementary palette of lemon yellow, ultramarine blue and dioxazine purple along with titanium white.  I mixed a pile using all three colors and a little white and used it to tone the canvas to get rid of the white.  I also used a bit of the mixture to mute colors when I needed to tone the color down.   It is painted Windsor & Newton Artisan WMO's  and is painted on a 5 x 7 canvas panel.  It took just over an hour to complete.

Thanks for looking.




  1. I'm enjoying learning about your palette experiments and seeing the results. Each creates a different mood, it seems. You might just inspire me to try one of these limited palettes, although I am not sure how well the mixed piles would hold up since I use acrylics (once flattened out into a mixed color, they dry all the more quickly!) One thing I really like about your paintings is that they look like interpretations, rather than just copies of photographs. Keep it up! (I know you will)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Meredith. I am having a blast with the experimenting. Coming from a pastel background, mixing paint is a new experience and the limited palette makes things easier. I was thinking a Sta-Wet palette might do the trick with acrylics. I might have to give that a try for the next painting.