Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mount Ida

Mount Ida makes a perfect backdrop for our small city and I am sure every artist in Salmon Arm has painted it at least a dozen times.  I took a photo of Mount Ida from our backyard the other day and decided it was time for my first attempt to paint the local landmark.

The mountain turned out okay and it is the first time that I have something that resembles clouds, so I am happy with that, but there are too many trees.  Boring!  The next time, maybe a panoramic view of the mountain with just a few trees showing would make for a more interesting painting.  Actually, I had quite a few ideas pop into my head while painting this, so there may be more paintings of Mount Ida in the near future.

This is another 5 x 7 pastel painting, using Faber Castell Polychromo, Mount Vision, Unison and Pan pastels and is painted on Buttercup Pastelmat.

Thanks for looking.