Monday, April 2, 2012

Road to Nowhere

It went from bad to worse.  It started with another gouache under painting and then I added Pan Pastels.  I wasn't happy with the results, so I added soft pastels.  I guess you get the idea, but not what I had in mind. I remember when I came across this scene.  I was out hunting for photo references in the back roads of the town we used to live in, Houston, BC, and I turned a corner and came to a stop.  I loved how the shadow went across the gravel road and the strong contrast of the shadow and the sun drenched trees.  I might try this painting again, after I do some plein air painting.

It is painted on 5 x 7 light grey Pastelmat and I think I spent about 45 minutes on it.  I think I will put this one in the "ugly" pile.



  1. I know how it feels to be dissatisfied with a painting Doug. Usually though, it means you are at a place where you are trying to figure something out. What happens soon thereafter is you get an 'ah-ha' moment, and you paint something you're pleased with. Hang in there, it's all part of the process. Also, when painting every day, you're bound to do something you don't like. It happens to all of us. This has you signature colors, a good thing. You might not like it, but I think it has potential - that pink road is great!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Chris. Maybe today will be that 'ah-ha' moment. I know they can't all be decent paintings. Sometimes the hand doesn't do what the brain is telling it. I won't give up.