Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lemon on a White Plate

I think this painting should just be called, Lemon.  Not my best work.  The perspective and the ellipse of the plate gave me problems and it is the first time trying to paint a white plate.  And then doing it in gouache, still an unfamiliar  medium.  What was I thinking?

When I was setting this up, the yellow of the lemon looked more cad yellow than lemon yellow.  I should have known to stop right there.  I chose a split complementary palette of cad yellow, ultramarine and magenta with perm white.  I shouldn't be so hard on myself, because I do like how the lemons turned out.  The plate?  Anyway, it was a good exercise mixing a limited palette and painting from life.  No grid or photo to help out.

It is painted on 5 x 7 Buttercup Pastelmat using Daler Rowney gouache.  I planned on letting some of the paper show through, but that didn't happen.  This surface offers a chance to do an under painting in gouache and using pastel on top.  That is for another day.

Here is number 8.  Thanks for looking.



  1. Hi Doug!

    Chris from WetCanvas (allydoodle!). Great blog, I'm so glad you started one. I'll be following you along, excellent challenge you've given yourself. Daily painting is a great way to move ahead, which you are so very much doing!
    Go Doug!

  2. Thanks Chris. You are always giving me encouragement and I appreciate it. I am going to have fun doing this challenge and hopefully I improve as I move along. I am enjoying following your blog and love your use of color. Thanks again.

  3. Very cool lemon still life! I love the violet and yellow color harmony, it has a certain strong feeling to it. Great variations in hue and texture.

    Looking forward to your gouache underpainted and pastel over it combination painting! That will be grand.

  4. Thanks Rob. That is one good thing about a limited palette. Everything harmonizes. I like the strong contrast between the yellow and red violet and the red blue.

    Pastelmat is great with gouache and I know the pastel will go over it nicely. I might even try putting pastel over this painting. May as well give it a try. I will post the results when I do it.