Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trying to Simplify

Simplify your painting.  That was my goal for this attempt at the same photo reference as the last try.  I used Pan Pastels, because I find you don't put in as much detail when using them as you do when using regular soft pastels.  When I just use Pans, the painting usually ends up with a softer look.

I am happier with this painting.  The trees don't have individual leaves, but I think there is enough information to tell you what they are.  Simplifying is something I want to explore some more and see where it takes me.

This is painted on 5 x 7 dark grey Pastelmat.  Thanks for looking.



  1. Beautiful. This one is your best landscape yet. I love the cypresses, gorgeously rounded with those glints of light on their tips. They don't need any more detail than you've given them.

    1. Thanks, Rob. I appreciate your encouraging words. It proved to me that you don't need detail for the painting to read right.

  2. Yes, simplifying is key, but hard to do! I've heard it said that a painting is done when there is nothing left to take out. This looks great Doug, the soft colors are georgous!

  3. Thanks, Chris. Yes, simplifying sounds easy, doesn't it? Maybe with a little practice. It will be my number one priority for a while.