Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shuswap Lake

I am sure there will be many landscapes in my future that include beautiful Shuswap Lake.  I get to look at it every day from the comfort of our kitchen while eating my breakfast.  The views of the lake, valley and mountains give me motivation to paint.  We still can't believe we live in this beautiful part of BC.

This is another Pan Pastel painting and I must be getting the hang of things, because it only took about 45 minutes to paint.  I let some of the maize Pastelmat show through the painting to give a warm feeling.  I added the some violet flowers to harmonize with the mountains.  Without the violet in the grass, the mountains looked out of place, but as soon as the flowers were added, it seemed to tie things together.  I think.

This is another small 5 x 7 painting.  The reference photo was taken last summer at the bird sanctuary in Salmon Arm, BC.  I tried to simplify everything in the painting and I didn't do any detail work on it.  I can't believe this is #14 already.



  1. Looking good! The violet flowers in the grass are great.

  2. Thanks, Rob. There is something about violet and green that is pleasing to the eye.